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Sandhu Computer Centre Vocational Training Organization directly benefits thousands of youngsters and their parents each year. We only have one center operating at Amritsar, Punjab. It is focused on education. Like : Computer Literacy, Computer Hardware, Graphic Designing and English Speaking.

The basis for a better lifestyle is found in education. It is the most potent driver of social change. However, children cannot be taught in isolation. Only a family that is empowered particularly the mother will be willing to teach their child. Therefore, instead of focusing on a single stage of life for a person we advocate the whole life cycle approach.


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The education system helps people make a living and enhances the awareness of oneself on various problems. – Sandhu Computer Centre. The organization aims to train, empower and empower self-dependent better citizens.

After having a thorough understanding of the systematic efforts, Sandhu Computer Centre was officially registered on January 2nd, 2010. Sandhu Computer Centre has been working to help those who are marginalized, women, youngsters and children with programs that integrate community development vocational training, nonformal education, skills training, conducting programs, monitoring and analysis studies etc. In order to promote a democracy that is of high quality for all people on both a research and an action levels.

The faculty in the Sandhu Computer Centre stands up to the expectations of students. Therefore, Sandhu Computer Centre is one of the most reputable computer-based training centers located in Amritsar, and any student’s best choice for studying computers.

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Nehru colony, near baba mir shah, gora market, 88ft road, majitha road, Amritsar.



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